3-Year-Old Girl Joins Man She Thinks Is Santa So He Doesn’t Eat Alone (Video)

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3-Year-Old Girl Joins Man She Thinks Is Santa So He Doesn’t Eat Alone (Video)
by Gillian Fuller
Source: elitedaily.com
Undoubtedly the best characteristic children have is their naivety: They’re too young to be jaded by life, and they appreciate everything with an honest, wide-eyed innocence.

One little girl proved this all too well when she joined a Santa Claus look-alike during his solo breakfast.

Three-year-old Gracie Lynn Wilson from Evansville, IN, was at a Bob Evans diner with her mother when she spotted a round, jolly-looking man enter the restaurant.

With a great white beard, red pants, suspenders and a holiday-themed shirt, the man — later identified as the Eastland Mall’s Santa impersonator — looked exactly like Saint Nick.

When Gracie noticed the man was eating his meal alone, she joined him at his table for some conversation.

The little girl apparently didn’t even ask him for anything; she just sought to keep him company.

“Santa” later told reporters from WFIE News that he thinks Gracie is “quite a special young lady.”

The photos of the encounter have been shared all over the Internet, melting hearts everywhere.

Even though he’s not the real Santa, we have a feeling this little girl will be having a very special Christmas.

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