Man Mails 15 Live Baby Chicks To Ex-Girlfriend In DC

Man Mails 15 Live Baby Chicks To Ex-Girlfriend In DC

WASHINGTON - A D.C. woman found out her ex-boyfriend is still bitter in a most unique-- and fuzzy-- kind of way. The woman's ex sent her a box filled with 15 live baby chicks, and a note telling her there are lots of other chicks out there. 

Apparently, the man packed up the 15 chicks and sent them in the mail-- which is not illegal. When the postal carrier delivered the box, the woman said she would throw the box away if it was left there. 

So, the postal worker brought the chicks to the National Humane Society building. They don't take animals, so their next stop was the Washington Humane Society, where workers immediately took the chicks out of the box, warmed them and gave them immediate care to make sure they were alright. Then, they started making calls to local animal sanctuaries to see who could take them.

The Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville took them in, and from there, six of them were adopted by a shelter in Winchester, Va. The other nine will stay permanently at the Poolesville sanctuary. All of the chicks were okay, though one reportedly suffered a minor leg injury. The Maryland facility estimates the chicks were about a day old when they were shipped.

Appropriately, the 15 chicks have been named. They are Chiclet, Chick Chic, Chick Magnet, Chicka Bang Bang, Chickster, Chickey Little, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Chick Chickley, Chicka Wang, Chick-filly, Chickaween, Chicory, Chick Tiki Tavi, Flies with Windand Javier.

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