CUTE VIDEO: Boys Caught With Paint All Over Their Faces, Try To Get Out Of Trouble

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CUTE VIDEO: Boys Caught With Paint All Over Their Faces, Try To Get Out Of Trouble

You know that cute moment when a kid will eat a blue lollipop and then try to deny it even though their tongue is blue?

This is like that, but on a whole other level.

In the video, which is nearly 5 minutes long, two brothers have just been caught with their faces completely caked in paint. And we're not just talking one smear. It looks like these kids went Picasso on each other's faces.

They try just about everything to divert attention from the paint on their faces, while dad--who can't control his laughter--continues to remind them that they're in trouble.

The younger brother follows the older one in responding to dad's interrogation. The older brother, meanwhile, tries to blame the younger brother.

Dad's response to that tactic: "How come you didn't tell him no? Who's the big brother?"

The older brother sighs, backed into a corner.

The dad explains their transgressions ("You guys got paint everywhere downstairs") while the brothers try to look sorry. When he asks them if they believe they deserve various punishments, they shake their heads, pausing to glance at each other.

Dad can't hold his laughter back anymore, and the older brother jumps at the opportunity to change the subject away from punishment, asking, "What's so funny?"

But Dad won't be deterred and continues to scold them. He has more and more trouble convincing them that he doesn't find it funny, as he can't stop chuckling.

At the end of the video, the older brother admits he has paint on him but says that his younger brother should have to clean up the mess. The younger brother, confused, shakes his head when asked if he has any paint on him.

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