Heartbreaking: Dog Tries Reviving Dead Canine Friend Hit By A Car (Video)

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Heartbreaking: Dog Tries Reviving Dead Canine Friend Hit By A Car (Video)
by Gillian Fuller
Source: elitedaily.com

Dogs are wonderful animals: In addition to their sweet, playful nature, the animals are also incredibly loyal to their pals of both the human and the four-legged variety.

This heartbreaking video shows just how far a pup’s love truly goes.

After his friend was hit by a car and killed, this loving canine rushed to his fallen pal’s side, hoping to revive him.

After fruitless attempts to drag the pup out of the road, he resigns and instead curls up on the ground next to his friend.

This incredibly sad interaction was filmed by 42-year-old taxi driver Serrano Madera in Mexico City.

Madera notes that the horrendous individual who cost the dog its life drove away without stopping, showing how cruel and heartless humans can be.

To make the situation a little bit better, though, the dog didn’t suffer; Madera assures he was killed instantly.

The video was shared all over Mexican media as a public plea for citizens to extend more respect to animals as they clearly have emotions and thus deserve to be loved and treated fairly.

If you’re easily upset, I’d recommend against watching the video because it truly is heartbreaking (I’ll admit, I cried while watching it).

Instead, take it as a reminder to always treat animals with respect and care — even if they’re not your own pets.

In addition, if you hear of or witness any form of animal abuse, report it: To ignore abuse is to accept it, and it’s up to us to protect all creatures to the best of our abilities.

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