Driver Fed Up With Protesters Rips Away Bullhorn

Driver Fed Up With Protesters Rips Away Bullhorn
by Kappit Staff
As protests in response to the grand jury's "no indictment" decision of Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case heat up across the country, one group of protesters blocked a major highway and left commuters enraged, as they tried to get to work this week.

On Wednesday morning, a group of protesters lined the I-5 highway in San Diego blocking all northbound traffic and inconvenienced hundreds of drivers.

One driver named Tyree Landrum was so enraged that he started to physically assault the protesters.

Landrum took a bullhorn from a protester mid-chant, and used it to announce his own message to the group of students who were blocking the flow of traffic.

Peep the tense exchange in the video below.

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