Yoga Master Practices His Poses While Speeding On A Motorbike (Video)

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Yoga Master Practices His Poses While Speeding On A Motorbike (Video)
by Gillian Fuller

Unless you’re a dedicated yogi, holding even the simplest yoga pose can be difficult. You need to have both serious strength and impeccable balance.

But for yoga master Gugulotu Lachiram, balance is no problem. In fact, the daring 40-year-old decided to up the ante by practicing yoga in a new way: atop a speeding motorbike.

The stunt rider has been a yoga fanatic and a motorbike enthusiast for years, but six years ago, Lachiram was inspired to combine his two passions into one dangerous (yet incredible) sport.

While on his bike, which can accelerate to about 40 mph, Lachiram contorts his body into different yoga poses — even standing ones. Though he currently only performs for residents of his hometown in Khammam, India, he hopes one day to perform on a national level and gain worldwide recognition for his unique talent.

The stunt rider’s extreme yoga is unbelievable, albeit more than a little nerve-racking to watch (especially because he forgoes all safety equipment).

We only hope the daredevil gets a helmet so he can continue his crusades safely because as talented as he is, one slip could result in seriously grim consequences — and his talent is way too awesome to risk losing to a (preventable) injury.

Prepare to have your mind blown, and see Lachiram’s crazy fusion sport for yourself up top.

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