Ferguson Protestor On White People: “Y’all The Devil”

Ferguson Protestor On White People: “Y’all The Devil”
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“See these black people out here? We’re the real Jews…This conversation’s done.” Or is it?

Documentarian Ami Horowitz interviewed people on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri following the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael BrownAmi On The Street is a recurrent segment that airs on Fox News.

The video begins with him asking a protestor wearing a red-and-white striped bandana, “Is America a racist country?”

The protestor responds, “Fuck yeah.”

Ami: “Totally racist?”

Protestor: “Hell yeah.”

Ami: “To the bone?”

Protestor: “You racist.”

Ami: “Why?”

Protestor: “Cuz you white.”

Ami: “If I’m white I’m racist?”

Protestor: “Yeah.”

Ami: “Can a black person be racist?”

Protestor: “Nope.”

Ami: “It’s impossible for a black person to be racist?”

Protestor: “Yup.”

Ami: “But if you hate white people, doesn’t that make you a racist?”

Protestor: “We don’t hate white people, y’all the devil.”

Oh, boy.

The protestors discuss various topics: whether the country is inherently racist, whether there’s been violence in Ferguson, whether Darren Wilson should be killed (they say, Yes), whether there’s been justice for Michael Brown, whether Michael Brown was a thug, whether President Obama has helped black people in America (they say, No), and who is a “real Jew.”

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