Hockey Player 'Meows' 7 Times During Interview In Reference To Super Troopers

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Hockey Player 'Meows' 7 Times During Interview In Reference To Super Troopers
by Lauren O'Neil
Ray Kaunisto might just be the funniest hockey player in the ECHL right meow  next to whichever one of his teammates dared him to drop cat noises throughout a recent mid-game interview, that is.The 27-year-old forward for the Kalamazoo Wings  a Vancouver Canucks affiliate  is making headlines around the web this week for jazzing up a standard intermission interview with a flawlessly executed reference to the 2001 cult film Super Troopers."Right meow we came out, hit a few guys quickly there. We got into the corners meow, and maybe pass the puck a couple more times down the neutral zone meow, Kaunisto said during his chat with on-ice reporter Ben Garrod. And he didn't stop there.You can watch the hilarious 41-second clip below right meow:

For those unfamiliar with the "cat game" popularized by Super Troopers, it essentially involves slipping the word "meow" into a conversation as many times as you can, as nonchalantly as possible.This was first demonstrated during an iconic scene in the film where one bored highway patrol officer challenges his partner to "meow" at least ten times while speaking to a driver during a traffic stop.

When the driver of the car accuses the officer of saying meow, the trooper responds with "Do I look like a cat to you boy? Am I jumping around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer? DO YOU SEE ME EATING MICE?"Unfortunately, Kaunisto didn't get a chance to say this during his interview, as Garrod never actually confronted him about saying meow (though, as ESPN reports, the interviewer did get the joke.)The ECHL player remedied this on Twitter yesterday after the video started going viral.

When asked about the stunt, which took place in the middle of a game against the Fort Wayne Comets on Nov. 28, Kaunisto told that he was nervous ahead of the interview."I almost chickened out. I almost didn't do it, but I kind of just went with it," he said. "To be honest, I wasn't playing that well right before the interview happened... I think that really helped me out and kept me composed. Any other time I probably would've started laughing.""I'm always one of the guys that tries to keep things light in the locker room and in a lot of interviews with hockey players they pretty much say the same exact things over and over," Kaunisto continued. "I kind of wanted to mix it up a little bit."In a separate interview with the hockey blog Schnarped, Kaustino admitted that he'd seen Super Troopers approximately 10 times in the past.And yet, while he clearly enjoys the film, he didn't think that the cat game would fare as well for him in real life.I really didnt think it would be that funny and thought I would get chirped by everyone but its been all good stuff so far," he said. "The craziest thing Ive seen online is everyones positivity about the video and getting a laugh from most people who have seen it."As comments on the YouTube video and on Twitter show, the prank has indeed been met with an overwhelming amount of praise.

Original as the interview was, ESPN notes that Kaunisto isn't actually the first hockey player to pull of the cat game during an interview.In 2012, Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud managed to drop a whopping 14 meows into a phone interview with Bram Weinstein.Have you ever done something similarly fun-spirited? Share your own stories below.

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