Cops Surprise People By Pulling Them Over To Give Them Gifts (Video)

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Cops Surprise People By Pulling Them Over To Give Them Gifts (Video)
by Gillian Fuller

Every driver in this video probably experienced the familiar “oh sh*t” moment as they got pulled over by the police. Little did they know, they’d become the subjects of the best holiday prank ever.

The police department of Lowell, MI, thought it would be funny to pull unwitting drivers over, knowing said drivers would be freaking out about the prospect of getting ticketed.

Instead, the cops surprised the drivers by giving them all something else: a gift.

They’d ask the driver if they got their Christmas shopping done — or what they wanted — while helpers waited in a nearby store for the cop’s signal. Once the cop determined what the person wanted, the helpers would buy that gift and deliver it to the cop to surprise the driver.

The super sweet prank is part of the #upliftsomeone campaign, a campaign meant to spread happiness and cheer, which is completely in line with the holiday spirit.

This is, by far, one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen — I literally cried watching it.

For those of you who dislike cops just because they’re cops — well, we hope this video inspires you to think again.

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