Students Form 10-Foot Human Chain To Save Woman Wondering Out To Sea (Video)

Students Form 10-Foot Human Chain To Save Woman Wondering Out To Sea (Video)
by Sean Levinson

Chinese college students formed a human chain to stop a woman from killing herself in the ocean.

Students of Yanshan University were enjoying the snowy terrain on a beach in Qinhuangdao on Monday when a woman, fully dressed, was seen walking into the freezing water.

She was spotted by a single student after walking over 160 feet into the sea.

According to The Independent, 18 students linked hands to create a human chain a little over 10 feet long.

They were able to grab the woman and pull her back to shore, and she ran away as soon as she stepped back onto the sand.

One student told Chinese media,

At that time everyone was anxious. We just rushed directly to the sea without thinking much.

Police said that a woman exhibiting similarly strange behaviors had been reported in the area, though it’s not clear why authorities took no action to apprehend her.

The rescue comes just days after another Chinese woman was saved from suicide by family members as she tried to jump from the 10th floor of an apartment building.

She had locked herself in her bedroom, The Independent reports, but relatives were able to obtain the help of a locksmith, allowing them to grab her as she crawled out her window.

They held her on the ledge until firemen arrived to pull her inside.

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