'The Angry Grandpa' Destroyed Son's Playstation 4 With Wrench; Son Will Take Revenge

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'The Angry Grandpa' Destroyed Son's Playstation 4 With Wrench; Son Will Take Revenge
by Samantha
Source: emptylighthouse.com
Michael Green—aka"Pickleboy"—had his heart and soul beaten in with a heavy metal hammer by The Angry Grandpa wearing a Santa Claus sweatshirt, and it was terrifying and mesmerizing and perfect for the Internet.

Infuriated because Michael failed to visit his house and bake Christmas cookies with him, Charles Green—the incredibly infuriated Grandpa—showed up at son Michael's house to tell him off. He was extremely upset that Michael decided to play his Playstation 4 instead of bake cookies.

Angry Grandpa left for a moment, but shortly returned holding a heavy metal wrench-like object. He then threw it into the glass-topped coffee table, for added dramatic effect.

The video was filmed by Bridgette West, Michael's girlfriend.

Watch the video here:

Green later posted this vlog to his personal channel, KidBehindACamera, on the same day, showing the after math of the incident.

Instead of going to Smackdown, Green and West were forced to clean up the mess left behind by Angry Grandpa with naught but a porto-vac, because they didn't have a broom.

Viewers asked why Green just stood there and cried while Grandpa beat his expensive video game system to pieces. Green said he wouldn't let West call the cops on his father.

"Family is the most important thing to me in life," Green said.

"We need to destroy something of his," Green said. "We're taking out something expensive of Angry Grandpa's." West whole-heartedly agreed, and suggested a cell phone, though no decisions have been made on what pricey item will be obliterated to non-existence. Is this the beginning of a furious revenge saga? Yes. It is.

Green said he may ransack his father's house for televisions, microwaves, and a cell phone to sell and replace the PS4.

"Am I gonna get revenge? F*** yeah," Green said. "We're getting revenge. That's happening."
"I would feel a lot better if we get revenge," West said. "Honestly."

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