Black Womans Ferguson Rant Wins Hearts Of Conservatives

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Black Womans Ferguson Rant Wins Hearts Of Conservatives
by Shane Dixon Kavanaugh
A candid black woman who posted a YouTube video ripping into Mike Brown and Ferguson protesters is quickly becoming an unlikely Internet folk hero among conservatives.

In an explosive, expletive-filled YouTube rant, the woman, who goes by the name "Honestly Speaking," skewers the unarmed teen gunned down by Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson in August. She then goes on to excoriate those who protested Brown's killing and the subsequent grand jury decision last month not to indict Wilson.

UPLOADED BY: Honestly Speaking.

"Just because he's black does not change that he committed a crime," fumes the self-appointed pundit. He began the fucking trail to his own death.

Honestly Speaking then gets really candid.

"If he never would have went into that store. If he would have never stole, and if he would have never assaulted the store owner, where would Mike Brown be right now? I wait for all you pro-black people who support assholes who kill fucking people every day, don't contribute nothin' to society but we're supposed to protest and stand up for him knowing damn well that if Mike Brown was in our hood he would have fucked one of y'all niggaz up. And y'all would have went and shot him. So spare me with the fucking bleeding-heart bullshit."

It didn't take long for Honestly Speaking's tirade to spread like wildfire among conservative bloggers and others who (not so) secretly share her sentiment. Heralded as "bold" and "epic," the YouTube video has already topped 300,000 views and is attracting rave reviews from the right:

"She says not only what a lot of us have been thinking but has a message that needs to be heard." -The Federalist Papers

"The language she uses is rough, but she is clearly a proud American patriot." -The Political Insider

"This is by far the best statement I've seen yet on the Mike Brown killing yet. A pissed off black woman who goes by 'Honestly Speaking' on YouTube lives up to her name when she questions why the black community is up in arms over a criminal who began the trail to his own death." -American Patriot

"Wow. This lady lays it out there with zero BS. Is she a racist? Please forward to Obama and his bobble-headed race-baiting twin, Al Sharpton." -Clash Daily

"I could not have said it better myself." -Viewpoints of a Sagitarrian

"I find this woman difficult to disagree with." -Conservative Tribune

"She lives up to her name and says what many of us Americans have already been thinking about the Ferguson protesters." -Mad World News

"She doesn't think of herself as a victim, she doesn't excuse criminal behavior, and she's not going to be bullied into silence. In other words, she's an American. ...I don't know who this lady is, but I want to shake her hand. Hell, I want to volunteer for her 2016 presidential campaign."  -The Daily Caller

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