Mom Makes Kids Think They’re On Santa’s Naughty List In Terrible Prank (Video)

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Mom Makes Kids Think They’re On Santa’s Naughty List In Terrible Prank (Video)
by Gillian Fuller

For children, Santa Claus is basically a god: Youngsters live to please the jolly gift-giver, and his is the only opinion that matters (at least around Christmas time).

So when two children received a letter from Santa apprehending them for their bad behavior — and threatening a giftless Christmas — they were understandably upset.

Laura Cole, mother of 8-year-old Tyler and 4-year-old Freya, penned Santa’s letter and gave it to her children in an effort to improve their behavior by any means possible. (Their 1-year-old brother, Logan, was left out of the prank.)

The forged letter warned the two children that they’d made Santa’s naughty list and instructed them to improve their behavior within the next 13 days if they wanted to receive Christmas gifts.

Both children were devestated and began to cry as Tyler read the letter aloud, which Cole admits was a surprise.

She said,

I just thought [Tyler] would brush it off…when he started crying I felt like crying with him, but I was just trying to focus on saying encouraging things about their behavior.

Luckily, Cole’s cruel trick worked: She boasts of her children’s now “amazing” behavior, likening the changed children to angels.

I get it — desperate times call for desperate measures — but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the heartbroken kids.

Hopefully, “Santa” responds to the behavior improvement with lots and lots of presents: They definitely deserve it.

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