Impatient Passenger Deploys Emergency Slide To Get Off Plane Faster (video)

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Impatient Passenger Deploys Emergency Slide To Get Off Plane Faster (video)
by Connor Toole

The novelty of air travel wears off for most people around the age of 8, and after that, any true excitement that comes from flying is usually the result of finally getting off the plane and on your way to somewhere that isn’t an enclosed tube filled with smelly people.

If you’re a seasoned traveler, you know that you want to be as close to the front of the plane as possible because being at the back means waiting for all the people before you to struggle taking their carry-ons out of the overhead compartment (a task that’s more difficult than it should be for a significant segment of the population).
One man in China decided to get around this inconvenience by thinking outside the box, and by “thinking outside of the box” I mean “deploying the emergency slide to avoid having to wait for everyone in front of him to get off the plane.”
The incident occurred last week at Sanya Phoenix International Airport, where the man pushed open the emergency exit while the plane was resting on the tarmac.

Flight attendants attempted to stop the man, but it would appear they did a terrible job.

According to Mashable, the incident could result in up to $16,000 in replacement costs.

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