Hockey Stick Used In Fit Of Rage After Customer Doesn't Receive Package On Time

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Hockey Stick Used In Fit Of Rage After Customer Doesn't Receive Package On Time
by Miroslav Starek

Miroslav Starek didn’t receive a parcel he was expecting, so he used a hockey stick to take out his frustration. According to Mail Online, Starek, 43, jumped in the back of the delivery van, and kicked out a large box — which happened to be a television. He took a hockey stick and began beating the box. He then took the stick to the delivery van, and began to smash the mirrors and the windows before chasing down the driver.

Someone filmed the incident, which occurred in the Czech Republic, which you can see in the video above. Viewers of the video say that they can relate to the feelings of frustration that Mr. Starek expressed. However, some people think that the video is actually a hoax, meant to be some sort of viral ad.

“Sometimes it looks a little too good to be true,” said Tomas Dockal.

“Would like to know if this is only a good performance with expensive props, or really a lunatic losing it,” questioned Facebook user Jana Novotna Grossertova. However, others say that the video is the real deal.

Miroslav Starek taking a hockey stick to a parcel is something that has apparently happened before in one way or another. Evidently people get really over-the-top angry when they don’t get their expected deliveries, and at least one courier has spoken out to say that this sort of thing does happen from time to time.

“Some customers in the Czech Republic are just like this. My personal experience proves it. I’ve seen it all first hand,” said former courier Jiri Vasina.

According to the Irish Mirror, the video has gone viral overseas.

“The video has become one of the most viewed clips across the Czech Republic and the rest of eastern Europe after it was taken up by TV stations,” reports the Irish Mirror.

More commonly in the news are reports of couriers mistreating packages. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a UPS driver was caught throwing a package, and flipping off a security camera in Dec. of 2011 (it seems like emotions run higher during the holiday season).

“[The customer threw] a box onto a customer’s front porch, [and when] he actually sees the customer’s installed security camera and flips it off before he throws the box onto the porch with no care for the merchandise that might be inside. When first questioned about the driver’s misstep UPS said they hadn’t seen the video but acknowledged that they would look into the situation and take ‘appropriate’ action with the driver,” reported the Inquisitr.

Of course being physically violent, and being careless and rude are two different things.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]

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