Woman Pulls Off The Most Mind-Blowing Move In Jenga History (Video)

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Woman Pulls Off The Most Mind-Blowing Move In Jenga History (Video)
by Connor Toole
Source: elitedaily.com

On the surface, Jenga is a fairly simple game. You might even say its so easy to play that even a cat could do it.

However, the further you get into the game, the more complex it becomes. It might start off as a solid block, but by the tenth round or so (if you even make it that far), it turns into a structure that no engineer would ever be caught dead designing.

The woman in this video found herself in a particularly precarious situation when the tower she was playing with was resting atop a single block.

Backed into a corner, she was forced to make a move that should have ended with a scattered pile of wood.

Somehow, it didnt.

This is so impressive that Ill even ignore the fact that she technically still has to put the block on the top of the tower for her turn to be complete but something tells me that wouldnt be a problem.

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