This Video Will Inspire You To Get Off Your Ass And Do Something In Life

This Video Will Inspire You To Get Off Your Ass And Do Something In Life
by Gillian Fuller

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Since launching his career, the activist performance artist has focused his energy on dissecting our modern lives and promoting positive social change and awareness.

His latest video, "Why Most People Die Before Age 25," discusses the importance of living in the now.

In it, he urges viewers to create their own paths in life, rather than follow in the shadows of others. Many, he argues, fail to reach their full potential; instead of following our passions, we do what were told, afraid to take risks and afraid to fail.

But, this is not living, Ea insists. Its merely existing.

Thus, the average person, metaphorically speaking, "dies at 25 but is buried at 75." Because the moment we stop taking chances and feeding our passions, our souls die.

Our bodies continue to exist, going through the motions, but without the spark that makes life worth living.

In typical Ea fashion, this video is deep, passionate and maybe a bit dramatic but completely accurate.

Wed all do well to heed the activists inspiring advice and push ourselves to live fulfilling lives. Self-satisfaction is the ultimate goal in life.

Listen to Eas entire speech in the video above and bookmark it for those days when youre feeling lost. Its sure to inspire every time.


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