Santa Saves Man Inside Burning House; Video Goes Viral

Santa Saves Man Inside Burning House; Video Goes Viral
by Wayne Dupree
Santa knows lots of things when youre sleeping and when youre awake, how to slip down a chimney in the dead of night, and, apparently, how to give CPR to a man trapped inside a house.

While handing out candy to children in Rutherford, Australia, local firefighters smelled smoke coming from a nearby home. The team, including firefighter Nick Carey still dressed in his Santa Claus outfit swung into action, rescuing a man from the burning home, according to CBN News.

Carey rushed into the structure to provide first aid to the unconscious man before the ambulance arrived.

The unnamed victim, who was said to be in his 20s, was transferred to a local hospital and was in a stable condition Monday, CBN News reported.

Local resident Michael Johnson captured the dramatic rescue on his cellphone.

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