Police: Man Rejected On Facebook Broke Into Woman's Home, Set It On Fire

Police: Man Rejected On Facebook Broke Into Woman's Home, Set It On Fire
by Lauren Adams
Source: wlky.com

FRANKFORT, Ky. —A man has been indicted on arson and burglary charges after police said a woman rejected him on Facebook.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted James Graham, 37, on Tuesday. Police said they believe that he broke into a home and set it on fire on Nov. 28. 

The home on Hillview Drive belonged to Joanie Yount.  Police said Yount became uncomfortable after Graham posted several comments on her Facebook photos and that she had asked him to leave her alone.

"This is one of those tragic situations where somebody is now without a home and for such a minor reason," said Frankfort Police Major Robert Warfel. "It's disturbing."

Warfel said Graham made comments on Facebook about some of Yount's photos.

“She rebuffed those and it's kind of what set this all in motion," he said.       

Yount's sister, Samantha Beagle, said there was no relationship between the two. Graham was a friend of a friend. Beagle said her sister is a busy single mother who was not interested in Graham's overtures.

"She doesn't want a relationship. She just wants people to leave her alone. When it comes to stuff like that, either be decent or don't bother her at all," Beagle said.

Police said Graham broke into Yount's home days later. They said he set a box on fire near her bed and then fled. Much of the home was damaged.

Yount and her 3-year-old son are staying with family.

Beagle said it is tough to look at the home, but even harder to imagine what could have happened if her sister and nephew had been home at the time.

"It could have got a whole lot worse. And I just wonder, what if she was in there? What he would have done to her if she was lying in her bed before he set the house on fire?" she said.

While he has been indicted, as of Wednesday evening Graham had not yet been arrested.  When he is taken into custody, according to court documents, his bail will be set at $50,000.

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