Cops Are Stoners Too: Police Smoking Weed Prank

Cops Are Stoners Too: Police Smoking Weed Prank
by Kappit Staff

In light of the recent tragic events pertaining to police and society period, sometimes it's good to just light one up, and relax. These pranksters take this principle to the total extreme with this epic "Police Hotbox Prank."

As the two practical jokers posing as police officers drive around in a police car filled with fog, unsuspecting passersby take notice and start to hound the cops about their illicit drug use. 

These stoner cops also walk into a donut shop after leaving the smoked out ride, and get an epic reaction from a few guys on the street.

The guys at Whatever who produced this prank for their Youtube channel, say not to try this at home. They had the help of a professional security team, and a permit to film this prank as policemen.

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