Guy Puts GoPro On His Dog To Find Out What Happens When He Leaves (Video)

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Guy Puts GoPro On His Dog To Find Out What Happens When He Leaves (Video)
by Gillian Fuller

If you’ve ever wondered what your pets do when you leave them at home, you’re not alone.

One dog owner’s curiosity was so overwhelming, he decided to attach a GoPro camera to the pooch’s head so he could uncover the pup’s daily activities.

The man, Mike The Intern, edited the day-long footage down into a three-and-a-half minute video, showcasing his findings.

The video reveals a surprising truth: When left to their own devices, pets aren’t plotting world domination or partying with their pawed pals.

Instead, newly lonely, they anxiously await the return of their loving humans. Mike’s dog demonstrates that our animals are not only unhappy when left alone, but they’re also scared. They miss us.

If that’s not the saddest, most heartbreaking thing you’ve ever heard, I’d hate to know what is.

Pet owners: Remember this, and give your animal lots of extra love when you return home today.

The little sweeties deserve all the affection and attention you can give.

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