Australian Thief Tries To Blow Up ATM, Gets Launched Onto The Pavement (VIDEO)

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Australian Thief Tries To Blow Up ATM, Gets Launched Onto The Pavement (VIDEO)
by Lee Moran

A bungling bandit was knocked clean off his feet when he tried to blow up an ATM.

The wannabe thief tried to detonate the cash point in Winnellie, Darwin, Australia, at 3:45 a.m. Tuesday, reports NT News.

Surveillance footage sees him walking up to the machine and placing what appears to be an explosive on top.

But his attempt spectacularly backfires when the munition discharges prematurely and he's thrown to the ground. Stunned by the blast, he remains on the floor for several seconds.

He then hauls himself up and runs off.

The man lights some sort of explosive and sets it on an ATM in Winnellie, Australia.

The powerful blast knocks the would-be crook clean off his feet. 

 The man is knocked back onto the sidewalk then runs off. Enlarge

Northern Territory Police said that when they arrived at the scene, they discovered that the ATM had been "completely destroyed."

"Detectives reviewed footage from the location which shows a man ... light an explosive and within seconds the item exploded, knocking the man over backwards," said Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Karl Day.

Cops are now hunting the suspect, who they believe has also targeted other bank cash dispensers in the area.

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