Ft. Worth Police Arrest Teen Accused Of Making Terroristic Threat

Ft. Worth Police Arrest Teen Accused Of Making Terroristic Threat
Source: myfoxdfw.com

A 17-year-old was arrested Monday after making a terroristic threat on social media, according to Fort Worth police. 

Police say that the teen, Montrae Toliver, posted a photo recently on Twitter depicting him pointing what appears to be a rifle at a police car, along with the caption, Should I Do It? They Don't Care For a Black Male Anyways!

The photo was taken in a north Fort Worth neighborhood, and police won't say where specifically. 

Toliver was arrested even though the rifle was determined to be a toy. 

The day after he posted the photo, Toliver posted on his Twitter page, "Everyone is Posting The Pic of The One Picture but No one Will Post The One That's Right Before It That Shows Its an AirSoft."

But toy or not, Fort Worth police say it was urgent to find Toliver because it was a threat made in Fort Worth, directed at a specific target.

This one was specific, it was in our city and we took action immediately, said Cpl. Tracey Knight with the Fort Worth Police Department. 

Toliver now faces up to a year in prison.

Toliver's brother declined comment Monday night, but on social media, he did post that he thinks the situation was blown out of proportion, pointing out that the police car was empty when his brother took the picture.

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