'The Price Is Right' Contestant Gets It All Wrong

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'The Price Is Right' Contestant Gets It All Wrong
Source: myfoxdc.com
Being on "The Price Is Right" is a dream for some people.

People like Adam.

Poor Adam.

After totally lucking out and being one of the few contestants beckoned to "Come on down!", Adam made a fool of himself on network television.

His guess, $550, was actually pretty good, better than Melissa's, who guessed $499 after Linda ahead of her guessed $500.

(Does Melissa not understand the rules? You have to guess the retail price without going over. Which means the only possible way she wins is if it is exactly $499. Because anything under $499, she loses, and Linda right before her guessed $500, so Linda is a dollar closer than Melissa to any price over $500. Think Melissa! )

But we're talking about Adam's guess here, and the mayhem he caused.

Poor Adam. 

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