Video Captures NYPD Cop Pushing 'Ellen' Prankster To Ground

Video Captures NYPD Cop Pushing 'Ellen' Prankster To Ground
by Natalie Stone
An NYPD police officer shoved Alexander BOK to the ground after discovering the “Ellen Dance Dare” contestant publicly dance behind him — and it was all caught on video.

In an attempt to get on The Ellen Degeneres Show, BOK, who self-proclaims as “your favorite prankster,” took on the “Ellen Dance Dare” challenge that calls for entrants to dance behind a person that is unaware that they are dancing. On Christmas Eve, four days following the assassination of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, BOK pegged an officer on duty as the recipient of his prank.            

After turning around and catching BOK dancing, the officer both questioned him and hurled a few profanities, including: “What the f--k is wrong with you?" and “Are you a f--king asshole?”

Just when BOK and onlookers believed the prankster had been released from public questioning, the cop shoved him as numerous bystanding officers watched as he fell to the ground.

TMZ broke the news and reports that NYPD is investigating the incident. BOK submitted the video to the show and is awaiting a response.

Watch the video below.

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