A Major New Year's Celebration Turns Violent On Live TV (VIDEO)

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A Major New Year's Celebration Turns Violent On Live TV (VIDEO)
by Kappit Staff

Atlanta's annual Peach Drop New Year's Eve celebration is a always huge spectacle, drawing nearly one hundred thousand people each year. There are bound to be a few scuffles and arguments from drunk partiers, but it isn't often that fights in these large crowds are captured on live television.

Until this year's broadcast when WSBTV reporter, Tyisha Fernandes, was doing a live segment on the Peach Drop celebration. As Tyisha began to give her report on the, a melee erupted right in front of the cameras. 

The witty reporter didn't miss a beat, as the situation unfolded in front of her. Giving her best ringside analysis to to help explain to viewers exactly what was transpiring during the short altercation.

Peep the crazy 'WWE like' scene in the video up top.

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