Ohio State Flag Bearers Need Spell Check, Misspell 'Ohio' (Photo)

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Ohio State Flag Bearers Need Spell Check, Misspell 'Ohio' (Photo)
by Patrick Schmidt
Source: fansided.com
Ohio State literally forget their ‘O’ in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game against the Oregon Ducks in what they hope won’t be a harbinger of things to come.

The flag bearers for Ohio State made a costly mistake prior to tonight’s championship game against Oregon by forgetting a very important part of their pregame routine. They forget the second “O” in Ohio.

Yes, they quite literally had no “O” which has not been a problem for the football team this season despite losing starting quarterback Braxton Miller in the preseason and later J.T. Barrett in the season finale.

What do you do if you were the flag bearer for the second ‘O’ and failed to perform your duties? Do you just quit and go back to your hotel and pack up for your long flight back to Columbus?

I would have to imagine that person is going to have a hard time living this down, but we’re all human and we’ve all made mistakes before. Just some of us haven’t made our mistakes on national television during the first College Football Playoff National Championship Game with our school playing in said game.

In any event, we hope to see you out there the next time you’re called upon.

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