"Way TO Go, Paul": Hulk-Like Hockey Parent Breaks Glass With Slap

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"Way TO Go, Paul": Hulk-Like Hockey Parent Breaks Glass With Slap
by Ted Czech
Source: ydr.com

A recently-uploaded YouTube video titled "Crazy hockey Dad" shows a man walk from the stands at the York Ice Arena and hit a sheet of safety glass that surrounds the rink while the game is in play, shattering the glass.

"Way to go Paul," someone in the crowd shouts.

The arena, located at 941 Vander Ave., is owned by the City of York, but managed by the York Revolution. This past weekend, it was the site of a youth hockey tournament, said Revs president Eric Menzer, who confirmed the footage was shot at the arena.

"This is another unfortunate example of the totally ridiculous obsession of some parents with youth sports," Menzer said.

Menzer said the man, who is from Florida, will be required to pay for the damage and is banned from the arena. York City Police were not called to the arena, he said.

Menzer said it was unusual for the glass that surrounds the rink to break -- as hockey players are often hip- or shoulder-checked into it -- but on the other hand, he wasn't surprised.

"It's safety glass; it's doesn't crack, it crumbles," he said. Also, a body striking the glass would be an example of blunt force, dispersed across a large area. But the man struck the glass with his metal wedding ring, producing a very concentrated impact, Menzer said.

"He broke the (wedding) ring," Menzer said. "Apparently, his hand wasn't in great shape either."

Menzer said that the man was apparently angry that the referee didn't make a certain call during the game.

He added that the tournament was halted so the glass could be cleaned up.

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