An insurance salesman tired of being broke all the time tries to make it big by second mortgaging his home, and buying a pound of cocaine to sell.

Unfortunately he sells it to an undercover police officer.
He winds up in a prison cell with a huge monster of a man, totally ripped, hairy and smelly and completely covered in tattoos.

As the former salesman attempts to introduce himself, he is interrupted by the big con.
"I'll tell you what we are gonna do," the con says, "We're gonna play house, do you want to be the momma or the daddy" the con asks.

"Well," the salesman says in a meek voice. Thinking that there is no way he wants to play the part of the mummy with this big mother fucker, he says, ""I will be the daddy."

"Well then," said the huge guy, "Then how about you coming over here and start sucking old momma's dick!"

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