Mom Walks In To Find Daughter Covered Baby Brother With Peanut Butter (Video)

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Mom Walks In To Find Daughter Covered Baby Brother With Peanut Butter (Video)
by Gillian Fuller
This is a PSA to all mothers: Don’t leave your children alone with a jar of peanut butter. Because this is what will happen.

An adorable, hilarious video from 2004 resurfaced this week after Facebook user and mother Gina Gardner Brown commented on it (having originally shared it in 2009). The video, which has enjoyed periods of mass circulation over the years, shows 18-month-old Ethan and his slightly older sister, Emily, sitting on the kitchen table.

The former is covered, and I mean covered, in peanut butter.

The kids’ mother, while stifling laughter, asks what the hell her children have gotten themselves into.

Emily answers, “I was scrubbing him!” (With peanut butter? Why not?)

The hilarious 30-second clip has been shared more that 735,000 times on Facebook alone, and apparently scored this very deserving mother an all-expenses paid trip to Chicago when it was first discovered.

We have to hand it to her: If my child covered my other child in peanut butter, I wouldn’t be half as calm (or amused) as this mother was. But I guess after having two children, you’ve seen it all.

Watch the unbelievably funny video, below.

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