Italian Actress Tries To Do The Splits On Live TV. It Doesn't End Well.

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Italian Actress Tries To Do The Splits On Live TV. It Doesn't End Well.
by Caroline Westbrook
Of all the things that can possibly happen to you on live TV, this has to be one of the most painful weve seen in a while.

It involves Italian actress Lisa Fusco, who attempted to show off her acrobatic prowess in stilettoes, no less while appearing on local talkshow MezzoGiornio Italiano last week.

Except her attempt to do the splits didnt go quite according to plan:
Nope, that wasnt meant to happen (Picture: YouTube)

In fact, her enthusiasm for the task was quickly dampened after she was left sitting on the floor, seemingly unable to get up and in a fair amount of pain from the looks of it.


To say the presenters were shocked with one throwing her hand over her mouth as the bizarre scenario played out was an understatement.

Ultimately though they were left with the unfortunate task of attempting to get her back on her feet, while continuing the show and assuring the studio audience that Lisa was OK.
Were still cringing after watching this (Picture: YouTube)

Which, judging from the reaction, were guessing she was.

Were just hoping that the botched stunt wasnt as painful for her to perform as it was for us to watch

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