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There was an old man who's health was failing, so his family decided it would be better to place him in an old folks home where they could visit him every week.

After one week, the son came to visit the old man and asked, "What do you think of the home, dad?"

The old man replied, "Terrific, son. The other day I woke up with a hard on and a beautiful young nurse came into my room and gave me a head job!"

The following week, the son again visited his father and again asked how the home was.

"Terrible," replied the old man, "the other day I fell down in the hallway and a big black orderly fucked me up the arse. I want to go home son!"

"Well dad," replied his son,"You always told me that you had to take the bad with the good. One week you get the headjob and the next you get fucked up the arse. That ain't so bad is it?"

"Ain't bad?" replied the old man, "I only get a hard on once a year but I fall over 10 times a day!"

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