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On day an 85 year old multi-millionaire arrived for his monthly check up and smiled when the doctor enquired about his health.

"I have never felt better," replied the old man, "I have taken an 18 year old bride, and she is pregnant. What do you think of that then?"

The doctor thought for a moment then said, "I once knew a guy who was an avid hunter. One day he slept in, and in the rush he took his umbrella instead of his rifle."
"Go on doc." said the old man.

"Whe he got deep into the woods he suddenly came face to face with a huge bear. He raised his umbrella, pointed it at the bear and squeezed the handle. Do you know what happened then?"
"No doc, what happened?" replied the old man.

"The bear fell dead in front of him!" said the doctor.
"That's impossible," replied the old man, "Somebody else must have been doing the shooting!"

"That's what I'm getting at" said the doctor.

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