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During a lunch break at work, this guy was sitting alone in the corner. A friend came over to him to see what he was doing.
"I'm reading an interesting book," explained the guy, "It's about quick repartee, and how to become proficient at it!"
"So what's quick repartee then?" said his friend.

"It's the art of being witty with someone when they are rude to you." The guy said.
"Does it work then?" his friend asked.

"Shit, yeah. My brother read it before he went to the circus, where he got a front row seat. During the show a clown came up to him and started asking him questions. 'Have you ever played front end of a donkey?' asked the clown. When my brother said no, the clown asked, 'Well then have you ever played the rear end of a donkey?' again my brother said no. Then, said the clown, bursting with laughter, "You've been no end of an ass haven't you!"

The whole audience roared with laughter, and my brother was embarrassed at being made to look a fool. Then he remembered the book and he came back with this quick answer which turned the tables on the clown."
"What did he say then?" asked his friend.

"Fuck off you red nosed cunt, before I kick your arse!"

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