After ten years working in he same factory, Nigel and Trevor were made redundant, so the first thing they did was make their way to the Social Security Office.

When asked his occupation Nigel replied, "I am a knicker stitcher. I sew the elastic into cotton knickers."

The clerk looked in his book and finding that a knicker stitcher was an unskilled profession he gave Nigel 100 dole money.

Next it was Trevor's turn and when asked what his profession was he replied, "Diesel fitter."

The clerk looked through his books and found that this was a skilled occupation so he awarded Trevor 200 a week dole money.

When Nigel learned that Trevor was getting 100 more than him he stormed up to the clerk and demanded to know why his friend was getting twice as much as he was.

"Well," replied the clerk "it says on my list that diesel fitters are an intrinsic part of the skilled labour force."

"What skill?" screamed Nigel, "I sew in the elastic, he puts the knickers on and says 'Yep, thes'll fitter!"

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