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One day a man walked into the dentist's surgery and asked how much it would cost to extract wisdom teeth.
"One hundred and fifty dollars." replied the dentist.

"That's a ridiculous amount," said the man, "Is there a cheaper way to get it done?"

"Well," replied the dentist, "If I don't use an aneasthetic, I can knock it down to sixty dollars."

"That's still too expensive," said the man.

"Ok," replied the dentist, "If I save on electricity and wear and tear on the tools and just rip them wisdom teeth out with a pair of pliars then I think I can get away with charging you twenty dollars!"

"Hmmm," said the man, "I still can't afford it."

"Ok," replied the dentist, "For five dollars I can get one of my students to rip them out. Is that OK?"

"Marvellous," said the man, "Book the wife in for next Thursday!"

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