WATCH: Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul Nail Trick Shots, Debate Dez's Catch

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WATCH: Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul Nail Trick Shots, Debate Dez's Catch
by Sean Wagner-McGough
Aaron Rodgers remains adamant: Dez Bryant did not catch the football.

Without even providing context, you know what play I'm talking about, considering it's all we talked about last January and it's been brought up whenever a receiver has failed to complete the process of the catch this season. In last year's playoff game between the Cowboys and Packers, Bryant seemingly caught a crucial fourth-down pass near the end zone, but the play was overturned because he didn't complete the process of the catch.

Anyways, I'm only bringing it up again because Rodgers recently teamed up with Clippers point guard Chris Paul for State Farm and Dude Perfect, and the duo proceeded to knock down a wide variety of crazy trick shots on a basketball court. During the filming of that video, Rodgers was asked about the catch.

Rodgers denied that Bryant caught the ball, adding that it "didn't end the game. There was still some time left on the clock."

On the other hand, Paul claims Bryant caught the pass.

"It was definitely a catch," Paul said. "No question."


"Because Dez said it was a catch," Paul explained.

Other notable things from the video:
  • Aaron Rodgers is really, really accurate when throwing footballs.
  • Chris Paul is really, really accurate when shooting basketballs.
  • Aaron Rodgers knows the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "22."
  • Chris Paul thinks the line from that song goes like this: "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling blue."
Aaron Rodgers celebrates one of his many trick shots. (YouTube: Dude Perfect)

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