You know you're Guyanese...

When you go to International Pancake House and ask fuh Dhal & Roti.

When the only word to describe somebody that can't dance is "Pagaley".

When you spit in a tin can full of carbon, and shake it good before Lighting it up. And set fire to some kerosene soaked steel wool on clothes hanger for your home made fireworks.

When you know what black sage is.

When you invite your girl friend for a date at the cinema, and she bring the whole family.

When you ask the shopkeeper to sell you 2 cigarettes instead of the whole pack.

When you go to school with green mangoes and salt and pepper in your pocket.

When you cover up the mirror when lighting flashing.

When yuh best fren is yuh galfren bruther.

when you know it's time to get up because you hear the first fowl cock in the morning...

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