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A man from "deep country" went to the Montego Bay Airport, very
hysterical, carrying his luggage, passport, and other necessary items for
travel. He anxiously asked the agent at the ticket counter, (with thick
Jamaican accent)" Do, sell me a ticket to Jeopardy, ma'am." The agent
looked confused."Jeopardy, Sir? Where is that?" The man got even more
anxious & agitated. "Mi nuh ha' time fi fool. Jus' sell mi a ticket to

The agent looked through her map and other materials. "Sir, there is no
such place! Are you sure that's where you need to travel?" The man lost
his temper and slammed his fist on the counter."Look, 'ooman. Mi seh
mi nuh have time fi fool. Mi hear pon mi radio dis mawning seh 900 jobs
inna Jeopardy so ah de suh mi wan' fi go NOW!"

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