Batman Uber Prank Mixes Lamborghini Hooning And Giggling Hot Girls

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Batman Uber Prank Mixes Lamborghini Hooning And Giggling Hot Girls
by Andrei Tutu
With Uber gaining more and more traction these days, people have started to treat this as the normal service that it is. You use the app, get a visual on your driver, hop in, and get over the thing. However, when your Uber guy happens to be Batman, things aren't all that simple.

And that's especially true if the Gothan superhero mask hides the face of Josh Paler Lin, a Youtuber who enjoys putting together all sorts of supercar-involving shenanigans, from pranks to shaming gold diggers.

On this occasion, our... hero put on a full Batman suit, while getting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini - yes, the Black Aventador is a bit of a cliche when it comes to Batman stuff, but given the purpose, this does seem like an excellent vehicle choice.

With his Uber profile showing a certain Ming driving a Toyota Prius C, you can imagine the kind of surprise his customers had when he came to offer them a ride in the 700 hp Raging Bull.

You don't have to be in the social media business to figure out the funny-mood-superhero was a hit with his clientele, while the ladies who got to ride shotgun in the Sant'Agata Bolognese machine were overly thrilled.

In fact, one of them couldn't be bothered by the driver flogging the Aventador - nothing could stop her on the path to selfie enlightenment, as you'll be able to notice in the piece of footage below.

We can't help but applaud this initiative, since it seems to belong to an endangered species, namely pranks that aren't staged (at least not in a manner that makes them hopelessly obvious) and don't cross the line by putting people in regrettable situations. And let's not forget that this clip actually sees the naturally aspirated V12 being put to work.

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