Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Staged Robbery

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Staged Robbery
by Kaleena Madruga

Marriage proposals are one of the sweetest events to witness as a man or woman professes his/her unrelenting love for their partner. It’s a joyous occasion for the couple,  as well as their family and friends. Proposals are typically filled with happiness, laughter and lots of tears (the good kind). We’re often so consumed by the blissful occasion that we forget about the months of planning that went into covering every minute detail so that the proposal would go without a hitch. Not to mention the added stress of trying to plan an engagement that isn’t cliché and has been done by one thousand other couples. Being unique isn’t easy.

If you could plan the perfect proposal, how would it happen? We bet the woman in this video would have never imagined that her boyfriend would ask her to marry him in this way. This has to be the most unusual and scary ways for a person to propose to their partner. You are not going to believe this video.

A Kentucky couple was walking down the street when they were approached by four men who attempted to rob them. A police officer happened to be close by during the conflict and quickly assisted the couple. What’s the catch? The boyfriend had hired the four men to stage a robbery. The police officer, who was conveniently near the incident, was also hired to assist with the proposal. The poor unsuspecting woman was immediately taken by surprise when the men started singing and her boyfriend dropped down to one knee.

This may not have been the marriage proposal that this young woman was hoping for, but we’re certain she will never forget their engagement. What do you think of this proposal? Would you have been upset with your partner for having pranked you before popping the question?

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