Ronaldo Memes: Best Crying Ronaldo Moth Memes And Photos

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Ronaldo Memes: Best Crying Ronaldo Moth Memes And Photos
by Jonathan Adams
The combination of Cristiano Ronaldo being injured in the Euro 2016 Final and a moth landing on his face in agony nearly broke the internet. Ronaldo was attempting to win his first international title with Portugal, and his team won despite Ronaldo missing the majority of the match. Twitter worked fast to produce some clever Ronaldo moth memes.

In celebration of the release of Pokemon Go, Twitter combined Pokemon and Ronaldo in this glorious meme. This was courtesy of @Rashide_. Portugal had played in the most Euro matches without winning the tournament entering the final match. Ronaldo desperately wanted to change that and his team carried him while he was injured. ([email protected]_)

This one took a slight jab at England's disappointing performance in Euro 2016. They entered the tournament as one of the favorites to win, but were upset in the Round of 16 by Wales. (Twitter)

Just minutes after the moth landed on Ronaldo at the most inopportune time, dozens of "Ronaldo Moth" parody accounts were created. Ronaldo collided with France's Dimitri Payet at the 8' mark and hurt his knee. (Twitter)

There was a plethora of movie references in the different memes. This one borrows an image from Lord of the Rings. Ronaldo and Messi are widely considered the best players in the world, but neither player has been able to win an international title for their country. (Twitter)

Like Ronaldo, Messi had a heartbreaking moment in the Copa America Centenario Final. During penalty kicks, Messi sailed the first kick well over the net. Argentina lost the match to Chile, and Messi continued to go without a title. In English the caption translates to, "Here is where I go to mourn."([email protected])

This was one of the more creative memes courtesy of @DanielleReade on Twitter. It is a cartoon featuring Ronaldo riding a moth. Matters went from bad to worse for Ronaldo during the match but turned out okay in the end with Portugal raising the trophy. He tried several times to continue playing, but simply could not make it through the match. ([email protected])

No sports meme would be complete without the infamous Crying Jordan. There were too many similarities between Crying Ronaldo and Crying Jordan to not have some sort of combination of the two. There are sure to be additional iterations of this combo, but credit @JailBirdMarz for being the first. ([email protected])

This meme combined a giant moth with another photo of Ronaldo not from Euro 2016. Ronaldo tied for second in the tournament with 3 goals. Unfortunately, he was not able to try to get a fourth with the early injury.

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