Jennifer Aniston Memes Are Ruling The Internet After Brad Pitt And Angelina Split

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Jennifer Aniston Memes Are Ruling The Internet After Brad Pitt And Angelina Split
by Lavanya Shrivastava
If you have been away from the internet last night, you will still know about the Brangelina split up. I had my mother waking me up in the middle of the night as she heard the news! While she expected a deep breath or an oh no!, my first reaction was nothing of that sort.

Angelina and Brad split up has brought an upheaval on Earth, as if the sky fell down upon us. But there is some part of the internet that cant help but rejoice. The Aniston club!

The Jennifer Anniston fans are going insane on twitter.

1. People have scrolled through some of the best Aniston gifs and are going crazy.

2. Brad, you certainly had it coming.

3. Because Jennifer Anniston is doing just fine with Justin Theroux.

4. So, yeah. It’s Jen who is doing awesome!

5. Waving the whole mess like, she has got nothing to do with it.

6. Closure after 12 long years!

7. There is no forgetting how Brangelina got together.

8. That’s exactly how it happened.

9. And now again.

10. So what goes around comes back around.

11. So yeah!

12. Jen is settled and is happy!

13. And now more so.

14. So there is one good thing that has happened after the split up.

15. That is just lots and lots of Jennifer Aniston memes!

While the most of the internet is going crazy over what happened, one can’t help but wonder how often people fall in and out of love just like that.

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