Texas Cop Challenges Weed-Smoking Teen To 200 Push-Ups To Avoid Arrest

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Texas Cop Challenges Weed-Smoking Teen To 200 Push-Ups To Avoid Arrest
by Trace William
Source: complex.com
Sadly, plenty of places exist across the United States where smoking weed is a huge fucking risk. So when you're a weed-loving teen just trying to sneak a puff outside a movie theater in Texas, what's the plan when a cop totally busts you for that shit? For one dude in Arlington, avoiding lame repercussions for enjoying the benefits of increased dopamine was as simple as rocking the hell out of 200 push-ups.

"Marijuana gives [off] a distinct odor," Lt. Chris Cook told WFAA Thursday, presumably eliciting a chorus of "duh" from whoever was listening at the time. "He knew what the teen was up to." The officer, Eric Ball, was doing some off-duty work at an Arlington movie theater Monday night when he was informed that a teen was having a good time outside.

Big UP's to the Arlington Police Officer that made the young black guy that decided to smoke weed on the movie theater parking lot to do push-ups then take him to jail or shoot him just Cuz. We need more cops like this. #Policeeverywhereneedtotakenotes #ArlingtonPoliceDept

Posted by Raiza Paredez on Monday, December 26, 2016

When the officer approached the teen, he noticed him "finishing a cigarette and discarding it" before catching a whiff of weed. Instead of threatening potentially life-ruining consequences, Ball offered an alternative. "He said, 'You give me 200 push-ups, I won't put you in jail,'" Lt. Cook said. "He could have very well arrested this teen, but instead he tried to do something better." The unnamed teen, who was "about 17 or 18 years old," was then reunited with his mother inside the theater.

The officer's tradeoff has been widely praised across social media, a fitting response given that the most common arguments against legalizing weed are confirmed bullshit:

Just make sure you're physically capable of doing 200 push-ups when toking in weed-unfriendly states.

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