Whispering Ryan Gosling Is The Best Meme To Come Out Of The Oscars

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Whispering Ryan Gosling Is The Best Meme To Come Out Of The Oscars
by Keely Flaherty
Source: buzzfeed.com
It all began when host Jimmy Kimmel surprised a bunch of Hollywood tourists who thought they were about to see some kind of exhibit. But, surprise! They walked right into the Academy Awards!

And this gem of a woman met Ryan Gosling and reacted like any of us would when the actor leaned in for a peck on the cheek: with shock and awe and wonderment.

But what was the Goz whispering in her ear? Something like, "Hi, nice to meet you"?

No, he was whispering something hilarious and dark, obviously.

His troubling Oscar predictions, for instance.

Or his true political allegiances.

Or, worse, his garbage nerd opinions.

Or, WORSE STILL, his garbage nerd SPOILERS.

Basically, there are endless possibilities.

Truly endless.

Maybe he didn't say anything at all, maybe she was having her own private moment.

Regardless of whether we ever discover the truth or not...

...at least we finally have a new Gosling meme.

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