Tiger Woods Memes: The Funniest DUI And Mugshot Memes

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Tiger Woods Memes: The Funniest DUI And Mugshot Memes
by Caroline John
Source: earnthenecklace.com
Tiger Woods' mugshot has taken over the Internet. And unlike Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot turned him into a model, the golf pro is the butt of jokes on the Internet. That's right, Tiger Woods' mugshot and DUI are the new meme trend of 2017.

When a celebrity gets arrested, its a rite of passage for them to be subjected to Internet mockery. So when Tiger Woods was arrested with DUI charges, his doozy of a mugshot got the meme treatment. If you haven't seen the Tiger Woods DUI memes, you need to! We've scoured the every corner of the Internet to find the most creative and funny memes on the golfer. But first, a little background is in order.
Tiger Woods was arrested early Monday (May 29) in Jupiter, Florida for driving under the influence. In a statement Woods released Monday evening, alcohol was not a factor in his arrest. The DUI charges stemmed from an "unexpected reaction" he had to prescription drugs. "I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions," Woods said in the statement before apologizing. It is unclear whether he tested positive for alcohol or drugs. Nevertheless, a very groggy-looking Tiger Woods posed for a mugshot that will go down in viral infamy. Take a look at these hilarious Tiger Woods mugshot memes.

#1. To start off, The Bachelorette contestant DeMario Jackson used Woods' mugshot to describe his second day in the Bachelor mansion. If you missed out, the guy got the boot for two-timing Rachel Lindsay!

#2. Aw, Snap!

#3. I see what you did there.

#4. This Guardian reporter proves journalists look better in person.

#5. Look it up! You'll be shocked.

#6. No comment.

#7. We see no difference.

#8. Get your copy today!

#9. Whoa, someone fixed a meme! Oh no…wait…

#10. Woods is somewhere between Lindsay Lohan and the Happy Gilmore guy in the Mugshots Hall of Fame.

#11. Tiger Woods spotted driving to the next hole.

#12. The "I'm calling in sick" face.

Sorry Tiger. @brobible

A post shared by Lee Ayers (@friendofbae) on

#13. Think you had a bad day. This happens to the best of us.

#14. It's okay… he usually wears a cap.

#15. There you go!

#16. Hey, you can never be overwhelmed by memes.

#17. Golden words.

#18. The Furby bears a striking resemblance to the pro-golfer.

#19. Weekends be like…

That escalated quickly

A post shared by 💦🙇🏽 (@moistbuddha) on

#20. This year is looking pretty good meme-wise.

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