These Trump Robot Memes Cannot Be Unseen

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These Trump Robot Memes Cannot Be Unseen
by Mehreen Kasana
Parkgoers in Orlando, Florida now can go view a robot Donald Trump in Disney's Hall of Presidents. But the bigger news seems to be that many Twitter users can't stop mocking this waxy version of Trump. The strange-looking statue of the American president was revealed to the public Monday, and media outlets swiftly shared video of Trump's animatronic figure. In the clip, you can see his robot gesturing in the company of other American presidents.

The tradition of showcasing a robotic version of an American president began in the 1990s, according to CNN. Per this tradition, every sitting president would record a few statements for Disney that his robot would go on to speak. The same drill took place for Trump himself: his weird-looking statue repeats his words and says: "I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the president of the United States, and will - to the best of my ability - preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States," among other things.

To appear more realistic, Trump's robot punctuates its statements with humanlike gestures and pauses. It even slowly gazes over its audience, like public figures do when they're addressing large crowds. But in spite of its body language, Trump's robot's face just didn't seem right to many Twitter users - and so a bunch of memes were born. (Fair warning for Jon Voight fans: you might not like what follows.)

Disney's Hall Of Horrors

Someone might have just pitched a horror theme park for Disney.

Is That... Jon Voight?

Uncanny resemblance.

...Okay, Maybe It Really Is Jon Voight

Look closer.

Robotic Disbelief

I really recommend zooming in on every face.

Who Knew Presidential Robots Were So Expressive?

Perhaps it would be a good idea to talk to the designer behind the robots. They might be able to tell us what is going on with these president robots' faces.

That's One Way To Look At It

"[Trump] somehow looks worse than the people born before clean water and antibiotics," Twitter user Jess Dweck said.

Has Trump Said Anything Yet?

Maybe Trump will tweet about the robotic version of himself. Given the people's reaction, it's difficult to imagine the president coming out with a glowing review. But if he's not opposed to being likened to Voight, he might just tweet a thumbs up.

For Some, It Was Nightmarish

Half An Onion's Twitter account said:

"If any of you have ever wondered if vegetables can have nightmares, it's safe to say after seeing the Trump robot from Disney's Hall of Presidents, we're about to find out."

There's This Take

Look at the company he's in.


Twitter user Abbi Crutchfield said that Disney would win "extra points" if Trump's robotic statue simply repeated what he said in the notorious Access Hollywood recording.

What If This Happened?

Try to imagine robots rolling their eyes and shaking their heads in dismay.

Trump's Tie

Whether you like or balk at Trump's idea of style, it's clear that his fashion sense gets noticed — for better or worse, that is. In Disney's robotic version of the president, the unmistakably long tie remained.

Participation Trophy

Writer Charlotte Clymer tweeted:

"Donald Trump being added to Disney's 'Hall of Presidents' is now the world's most well-known participation trophy."

Oh Boy

Another Twitter user offered a theory about Trump's robot's face which is strange, to say the very least.

"Here [sic] me out on this," Shannon O'Neill tweeted. "Clearly, Disney had Hilary's robot ready to go and then they had to try and make it look like Trump. Don't hate me. This is just a necessary and painful fact we all need to deal with."

Love Trump's robot or hate it, it certainly seems like social media users had a definitive opinion on Disney's peculiar Tuesday release.

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