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Do's and Don'ts of Job Interviews:

Do dress to impress.
Don't wear that hoodie.

Do give the interviewer a firm hand shake.
Don't lay your limp hand in the interviewers then cough nervously.

Do bring a copy of that resume that you printer on the good paper that cost extra.
Don't spend five minutes trying to find you resume on your cracked iphone.

Do use "buzzwords" to impress the interviewer.
Don't talk about being a little buzzed with the interviewer.

Do embellish your positive qualities and mastery of required skills.
Don't give and open and honest report of your skills and experiences

Do lie wildly about the legitimacy of that uncomfortable "internship" you had last summer.
Don't reveal your actual GPA

Do laugh at the interviewers parting joke and say you look forward to hearing from him.
Don't make a parting joke and ask when you'll hear from the interviewer.

Don't get the job
Don't get the job

Good Luck!

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