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One day a Jewish rabbi and a catholic priest have a car crash, ending up with both vehicles being totally written off. Both men are uninjured and after they get out of their cars the rabbi noticed the priests collar.

"Well," said the rabbi, "you are a priest and I am a rabbi, both our cars are totally destroyed and we are both unhurt. It must be a miracle from God and he must have intended us to meet and become good friends and live together in peace for the rest of our lives!"

"I agree with you totally!" replied the priest, "This must be a sign from God. You will be my closest friend for the rest of my life!"

"Look at this," said the rabbi, "A bottle of red wine in the boot of my car, unbroken. Another miracle. Surely God wants us to seal our friendship with a drink."

The rabbi finds two cups, fills them with red wine and gives one to the priest. The priest takes several swigs finishing the full cup then hands it back to the rabbi.

"Are you not having any?" asked the priest.

"No," replied the rabbi, "I think I will wait for the police!"

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