Two Irishmen and a black worked for a construction company and got into the habit of working together, until the day the black guy fell off a scaffold 100 stories high. When the police got to the scene, there wasn't much left of the black guy, so the officer in charge turned to the two distraught Irishmen and said, "Listen guys. Was there anything distinctive about this man, for identification purposes?"
"No," replied one of the Irishmen, "He was just a normal guy!"

"Hey, wait a minute!" said the other Irishman, "He had two arseholes!"

"Are you bullshitting me?" said the police officer, "How the hell would you know?"

"Because every time we went into the bar around the corner for a beer at the end of our shift, the bartender would shout over 'Here comes that stupid nigger with the two arseholes!"

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